ACT-SO is off to a strong start in 2019.  We have many students signed up to compete in lots of categories, along with a strong group of mentors and judges.  See for yourself:

Of course we know that students will change their minds and trim down their competitions, or even enter new ones, but we’re definitely off to the races!

Important Deadline Passing

Today, January 31st, was the last day to enroll for guaranteed acceptance into this year’s Showcase.  That doesn’t mean we won’t accept more students–we will.  It does mean that students who come to us now will have to be better prepared and may have more limited choices, as we can’t find proper mentors and judges at the drop of a hat.  All that means:

Students! Waste no Time!

Volunteers, Mentors and Judges, Oh My!

While the students have to hussle, so does the adult community.  Our kids need you!  They need mentors and coaches to help them improve.  They need judges who can give them the crucial feedback they need at the Showcase to get better.  But they also need rides and help getting supplies and childcare for their brothers and sisters and food and cleanup and a thousand simple things.  You don’t need to be a high-powered artist or academic to help emerging African-American adults!

Adults — Show them you care.

Committee Changes

We’ve had some changes on the ACT-SO Committee.  Steve has moved into a back-office role, dealing with all the paperwork and logistics that go into running ACT-SO.  Renita and Kamaria remain, and we’ve added two new ACT-SO Committee Members; Philip and Maisha.  These are the folks students and parents will be seeing and interacting with from the NAACP San Diego Branch.

Renita Payno
– ACT-SO Co-Chair –

Renita is a veteran, the owner and sole proprietor of her own small business, and a mother of two. You will find her at many community events; just ask the …

Kamaria Allen
– ACT-SO Committee Member –

Kamaria has degrees in English and Psychology, has extensive administrative experience and currently works as a counselor to persons with developmental disabilities, and also volunteers with children and adults. She …

Philip Liburd
– Member at Large, ACT-SO Committee Member –

Maisha Kudumu
– ACT-SO Committee Member –

Maisha comes from a family of educators and was herself a three-time ACT-SO participant and Gold Medalist.

Service Opportunities

in the NAACP San Diego Branch

Executive Committee

The NAACP San Diego Branch, founded in 1919 and dedicated to the Civil Rights of all persons and eliminating race-based discrimination, is looking for leaders who would like to serve their communities through advocacy.

The full Executive Committee and Officers, plus Monica Montgomery, District 4 Councilmember

We are looking for individuals who want to inform, connect, and empower our membership, so that we are a strong, vibrant organization, run from the grass roots on up.

We expect all applicants to:

  • Be committed to the cause of Civil Rights
  • Be members of the NAACP San Diego Branch (join today)
  • Live or work in the greater San Diego area, south of the 56 Freeway
  • Have good communications and leadership skills
  • Have (or gain) familiarity with our bylaws

We are seeking people who would like to serve in the following capacities as specified in our bylaws:


ACT-SO Chair

Armed Services and Veterans’ Affairs Chair

Communications, Press and Publicity Chair

Community Coordination Chair

Criminal Justice Chair

Economic Development Chair

Environment and Climate Justice Chair

Freedom Fund Chair

Labor & Industry Chair

Health Chair

Legal Redress Chair

Membership and Life Membership Chair

Political Action Chair

Young Adult Chair

Our bylaws give the duties of each of these committees in a paragraph or so starting on page 38 (the Secretary is on page 34.) We  invite you to read the relevant section of the bylaws and then fill out a brief application form.  

We are also looking to recruit enthusiastic, outgoing people as Social Media Contributors  to take the Branch’s social media presence to the next level.

If you feel you are qualified to provide leadership in these areas, please fill out our brief application form.

We will contact everyone who applies.

Thank you for your interest in service with the NAACP San Diego Branch, and for whatever work you do, with us or with others, to help our Community thrive.

Meet the 2019-2020 Officers and Executive Committee Members

These are the Officers and Executive Committee Members voted in at our election in November, plus those Committee Chairs who will remain from 2018.  The new Executive Committee began its term on January 1, 2019.

Office of the President

Clovis Honoré
– President –

Born and raised in South Central Los Angeles, Clovis Honoré grew up amidst the social turbulence of the 1960s and the cultural renaissance of the 1970s on the west side …

Francine Maxwell
– Vice President –

Ms. Francine Maxwell is a native San Diegan and a passionate community member of Southeastern San Diego. She has sat on various committees in the County and enjoys serving the  …

Steve Dorner
– 2nd Vice President –

Steve Dorner has a degree in Computer Science, worked as a software engineer for 20 years and as an executive in a Fortune 500 company for 10.


Renita Payno
– Secretary, ACT-SO Co-Chair –

Renita is a veteran, the owner and sole proprietor of her own small business, and a mother of two. You will find her at many community events; just ask the …

Diane Langworthy
– Assistant Secretary –

Diane Langworthy, worked 22 years as a medical social worker at Sharp Rehabilitation Hospital. Beside her work with the NAACP, she is involved in Social Justice Ministries at Mary Magdalene …

Darryl Stovall
– Treasurer –

Darryl W. Stovall Jr. was born and raised in New York City and planted roots in San Diego California while serving in the United States Navy. After a successful 20 …

Wanda Rogers
– Assistant Treasurer –

Wanda Rogers is Principal Owner of Construction Service Workers Founded in April of 2009, as the only African American Woman to own a Construction Staffing Agency in the country.  Her …

Executive Committee

Petrina Branch
– Freedom Fund –

Barbara Binns
– Member at Large –

Barbara Binns was born and raised in Los Angeles, attended Chico State and UCLA and obtained a certificate in Accounting …

Linda Cochran-Johnson
– Community Coordination –

Ms Cochran-Johnson grew up as a military dependent. In her career she has been as a case manager, chemical dependency …

Tiffany Harrison
– Youth Council Advisor –

Geneviéve L. Jones-Wright
– Member at Large –

Geneviéve L. Jones-Wright was raised by her single mother in a low-income home in San Diego, California where devotion to …

Philip Liburd
– Member at Large –

Brittany McKnight
– Education –

Brittany McKnight holds a Master of Arts in Education from SDSU, and has held several positions in Postsecondary and Secondary …

Frank Petersen
– Member at Large –

Khalada Salaam-Alaji
– Member at Large –

Sherry Strothers
– Armed Services and Veterans' Affairs –

Sherry Strothers is a powerful and charismatic Motivational Speaker, Certified Women’s Empowerment Coach and passionate activist. The story behind Sherry’s …

Carol Spong
– Housing –

Kenya L. Taylor
– Health –

– Grassroots –

Mary Tesfaldet
– President, Youth Council –

Mary Tesfaldet is currently enrolled at San Diego State University, and is President of the NAACP San Diego Youth Council.