Watch: Suitcases for Foster Kids on KUSI

On February 27th, President Maxwell visited KUSI along with (now 2nd Vice President) Anderson to discuss our drive for suitcase for foster kids.

NAACP collecting donated suitcases for foster kids –

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – Foster kids move often, and a sturdy suitcase helps them keep their few belongings together, rather than having to use grocery bags or the like. The NAACP is asking for donated new or used suitcases that will go to foster youth. Donations can also be made to purchase suitcases; see

Given the Governor’s order to stay home, we suggest you donate money and for us to buy the suitcases; we’ve found a vendor who for $20 will supply two kids with a decent way to transport their belongings!

Rebuttal to John Lee Evans

February 17, 2020

In a recent article published in the Voice of San Diego, school board member John Lee Evans proclaimed that he is “sick and tired” of saying that we cannot afford what our students need.  The article continues to point out the areas of deficit for the San Diego Unified School District that he believes receiving more money will solve. 

Mr. Evans then illegally distributed this e-mail to every SD Unified employee via the district’s email system.   Mr. Evans had previously been warned by the courts the ramifications of using district e-mail for political or personal gain, yet he chose once again to disobey the Superior Courts edict.   One would begin to question his motives and his integrity by his egregious actions. 

The school board and the superintendent have proven repeatedly their misuse of funds that come from the state and federal agencies.  The board’s own political gain has completely overshadowed what is needed for students and schools. Every year the district proclaims to have a deficit of millions of dollars and that the state does not give them enough money to run our schools.  But yet every single year under the tutelage of Superintendent Cindy Marten more and more people have been hired to work for her at the central office. Just look at all the revised organizational charts that the school board has approved. Not one of these employees touches the lives of our students.  It simply gives her more help to do the jobs she should be doing and allows her to spend more time in “front of the cameras” giving false information to the citizens of San Diego. 

Families in San Diego have had to cut back in their own homes to afford the living expenses that are now occurring in San Diego.  The district needs to follow this example each year so that the budget is not continually running in the red. Mr. Evans’ article points a BIG finger at the governor, the state and years and years of inadequate funding yet not once does he look at the mismanagement of money and spending habits that occur in the SD Unified School District.  Everything is everybody else’s fault!!!! After 11 years on the school board, Mr. Evans should have firsthand knowledge of how the problem can be solved yet all he can do is beg for more money!! Shame on you John Lee Evans. You know better than to point fingers in every direction but your own. You and the board members will approve every single item at the board meetings IF it helps promote your own political agenda or your own personal wellbeing.  

The time is up!  The parents and community members of San Diego can see through your smokescreen.  We don’t need more money for you and the board to continue to spend foolishly. We need a new school board with members who believe in our students and know how to balance a budget no matter how much or how little they are given.  Just like our students, we will rise to the challenge at hand in spite of your negativity and discouraging attitude.  

Francine Maxwell, First Vice President and Acting President
NAACP San Diego Branch

Watch: Black History Month on KUSI

On February 1st, First Vice President and Acting President Maxwell visited KUSI along with Political Action Chair Martin to discuss Black History Month.

NAACP San Diego celebrates Black History Month –

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – Francine Maxwell the Acting President of NAACP San Diego branch joins KUSI along with Kaamal Martin the Political Action Chair to go over the contributions that African Americans have made to the country’s history. Black History Month is celebrated across the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Germany and the Netherlands.

A Bit of Fuss

Not so long ago, the NAACP San Diego Branch took a vote to ask for a change in the NAACP’s State and National Policy.  In fact, we took two votes; one of our Executive Committee and then a ratification of that vote by our General Membership.

Those votes were conducted in a civil manner according to the NAACP Bylaws for Units and Robert’s Rules of Order.  This latter recommends that the Chair of any assembly (in our case, our President Clovis Honoré) maintain neutrality while the assembly deliberates and votes, casting his own vote only if it is necessary to change the outcome.  Our President followed those rules scrupulously, neither expressing his opinion nor favoring either side in the debate.

This has caused a bit of fuss, much of it beside the point.

However, we invite you to view this article, published on May 14th by Michael Meyers, president of the New York Civil Rights Commission and a former assistant NAACP national director.  In it, he explains the NAACP’s process quite well, and says nothing at all with which we, the NAACP San Diego Branch, disagree.

One thing Mr Meyers makes clear is this:

As such, there is no “local option” from such policies once adopted by the NAACP national board. And all units of the NAACP must abide by those policies

We couldn’t have said it better ourselves, but we did say it slightly differently in an email to an inquirer on the topic:

As the resolution to which you refer is in opposition to a current position of the NAACP CA-HI State Conference and NAACP National, we will not publicly discuss or advocate for it, until such time as the resolution may be adopted.  The official position of the NAACP San Diego Branch remains in support of a moratorium on the expansion of charter schools.

We are in entire harmony with Mr Meyers, and thank him for his response.

There have been other commentators on this issue who seem to lack Mr Meyers’ grasp on (or perhaps respect for) the NAACP’s bylaws and democratic processes.  We invite such folks to learn from Mr Meyers’ article.

(Image credit: New Hampshire Public Radio)