2019 ACT-SO National Awards Ceremony

For those of you who are interested in what ACT-SO looks like, here is the full video of the awards ceremony. It’s four hours long, so you might want to either lay in a big supply of popcorn or else just dip into it here and there.

While our returning Poetry Performance competitor, Ms Jor’Denay Collier, didn’t medal this year, she did get a significant part in the award ceremony for the second year running. (If you want to skip right to Jor’Denay, she appears at about the 36th minute of the video.) We could not be more proud of Jor’Denay; in addition to her fine performances, she was a strong President of the Eastlake High BSU this last year. As a rising Junior, we expect even more wonderful things from her this year!

Ms Jor’Denay Collier performs

ACT-SO National Coming Up!

Once again, the NAACP San Diego Branch ACT-SO program is sending Ms Jor’Denay Collier to compete in Poetry Performance at the National ACT-SO Competition!

Jor’Denay, our Gold Winner!

This year’s competition will be in Detroit, Michigan, at the Renaissance Center, pictured above.

Jor’Denay’s Aunt Kim and ACT-SO Chair Renita will be there to cheer her on.

A Voice at the NAACP’s National Convention

Are you planning to attend the Convention? Would you like to represent your Branch?

The NAACP’s National Convention starts on July 20th, in Detroit, Michigan. If you are planning to attend the convention, the NAACP San Diego Branch has voting credentials available. If you would like to cast your vote in favor of issues that matter to our Branch and our region, this is your opportunity.

Please contact [email protected] if you are interested in being a voting delegate. (Please note: we cannot offer financial assistance; just the ability to vote when you are there.)

For more information about the convention, please visit https://www.naacpconvention.org/