Executive Committee Members Join Training with North County Branch

On February 23rd some of the newest members of the NAACP executive committee had the opportunity to attend a leadership training that was coordinated by the North San Diego branch and facilitated by a state and regional NAACP leader. During this training we were given information regarding best practices in financial management, social media use and public relations as well as the roles of various officers and committees. The San Diego Branch attendees learned a great deal and very much enjoyed the opportunity to build camaraderie amongst ourselves and with the members of our sister branch. We are very excited to bring back the information that we learned and use it as a catalyst for advancing our branch’s initiatives towards the advancement of colored people in the central San Diego region.

— Samantha Jenkins, Executive Committee At-Large Member

News Update from NAACP National



MSNBC: President Johnson on All In with Chris Hayes
President Johnson appeared on MSNBC’s All In with Chris Hayes to speak on Mississippi election.

MSNBC Live: President Johnson talks Mississippi Election
President Johnson speaks with Pete Alexandar on Mississippi Senate Runoff.

Black Press USA: NAACP’s Tiffany Dena Loftin Honored at Black Girls Vote Ball
National Director of the NAACP Youth and College Division, Tiffany Dena Loftin was awarded the Rising Star Award on Friday, November 16, 2018 at the 2nd Annual Black Girls Vote Ball. The Black Girls Vote Ball celebrates the accomplishments of black women in politics and activism who are making a difference not only in their community but around the world, according to a news release.

The Hill (Op-Ed): Black communities suffer without a ban on menthol cigarettes
On Nov. 15, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) announced a bold proposal to ban the sale of menthol cigarettes and restrict the sale of flavored electronic nicotine delivery systems, more commonly known as e-cigarettes. As an advocate for black health and public health, the NAACP commends this decision and acknowledges it is a step in the right direction.

Birmingham Times: Alabama NAACP strongly condemns Hoover police shooting of 21-year-old Emantic Bradford Jr.
After the shooting death of 21-year-old Emantic Fitzgerald Bradford Jr. by a Hoover police officer at the Galleria Mall outside Birmingham on Thanksgiving, the Alabama NAACP has released a statement condemning the act. “Police officers must know the facts involved before pulling their weapons. Police officers must stop being trigger happy when it comes to our children,” said in the statement signed by Benard Simelton, president of the Alabama State Conference NAACP. “Police officers must stop being aggressive with young men of color and stop killing us. Police officers must use human rights tactics to engage who they believe is the perpetrator. A life has been lost because police do not see African Americans as humans.”

WSB Atlanta: Senate GOP taking up judicial nominee some call ‘the worst’
“The courts are supposed to be where we can find and seek justice. But Farr’s lifetime crusade is to disenfranchise African Americans and deprive them of their rights,” said Hilary Shelton, director of the NAACP’s Washington bureau. “He belongs nowhere near a bench of justice.”

Huffington Post: Senate To Vote On Trump Judicial Pick Who Critics Call The ‘Vote-Suppressor-In-Chief’
“For the Senate to first bring up the judicial nominee known as the ‘vote-suppressor-in-chief’ adds insult to injury,” said Hilary Shelton, director of the NAACP’s Washington bureau. “It makes crystal clear who stands for voting rights and who stands for voting wrongs.”

WFAE: NAACP Opposes Trump Judicial Appointment to U.S. District Court in N.C.
NAACP officials are calling on senators to vote against President Trump’s nomination of Thomas Farr for a U.S. District Court seat serving eastern North Carolina, ahead of an expected Senate vote on the nomination.

NBC News: WATCH: NAACP getting involved in ‘problematic’ Jax fair policy
A 17-year-old was asked to leave the fair for wearing a necklace with a picture of his deceased mother on it. According to a fair official, it violated a rule against ‘memorial attire.’


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·     We Are Thankful for Our Friends

·     Civil Rights Leaders Blast Farr Nomination and Timing of Vote

·     NAACP Youth and College Division National Director, Tiffany Dena Loftin Honored at Black Girls Vote Ball

The US Supreme Court

On July 9, 2018, President Trump announced that he would nominate Judge Brett Kavanaugh to the U.S. Supreme Court to fill the vacancy of retiring Justice Anthony Kennedy.  After thorough research and evaluation the NAACP opposes his nomination to the U.S. Supreme Court now.

In 2005, despite the opposition of the NAACP, Brett Kavanaugh was confirmed by the U.S. Senate to be a judge on the he U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit.  On almost every issue imaginable, Judge Kavanaugh has proven us right to have opposed him; in fact, in both his decisions and his dissents, Judge Kavanaugh has proven himself to be even more of a problematic extremist than we anticipated.  On the issue of gun violence protection, health care, workers’ rights, voting rights, affirmative action, and many more that are important to the NAACP, Brett Kavanaugh has proven that he is no friend of the NAACP.

This nomination is too important to rush.  This nomination should only be considered by the Senate elected by the American people in November, 2018, when they are fully aware of the stakes and after the 116th Congress is sworn in. The Court is meant to be an unbiased guardian of rights and liberties of all Americans.  The country desperately needs a fair-minded and independent jurist on the Supreme Court, not a divisive and biased ideologue who will further shake the public’s faith in our nation’s justice system.  The constitutional process for appointing and confirming the next justice must be thoughtful, careful, deliberative, and conducted with well-informed bipartisan support.  The Senate should not consider a nominee until a new Senate is seated next year, after the results of the midterm election are in place.  This will fully allow the American people, those who will be most affected by the confirmation, to truly have a voice in the selection of the nominee. 

 Please call both your Senators and urge them to vote “no” on this confirmation, sand to wait until January, 2019 before making such an important decision. 

 For more information as about the situation, or to find out how to contact your Senators, read the attached Action Alert.


Thank you for all you do,


Report from the 109th NAACP National Convention

by NAACP San Diego First Vice President Clovis Honoré

The NAACP 106th Annual Convention was, as always, an inspirational event. More than 1200 members of the NAACP attended.  The critical work of the NAACP which is handled at this convention is the resolutions process.

  • Day one. Sunday, July 15, 2018
    • I attended the Memorial Breakfast. – The Keynote Speaker, Allan Boesak, of the Dutch Reformed Church of South Africa, Informed us that, as racism and discrimination has not gone away in America in the aftermath of the Civil Rights Movement, Neither has racism and discrimination been eradicated from South Africa after the official end of Apartheid. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Allan_Boesak
    • Participated in the Presidents Council meeting. The meeting was an excellent overview and preparation for the Convention.


  • Day Two. Monday, July 16, 2018


    • Attended Regional Meeting.  This is the preparatory meeting for all Regional Delegates. (We are in Region 1). Here we handle our regional business, like elections of officials from our region to the National Convention, such as Resolutions Committee, Credentials Committee, etc.,
    • Dropped by the Youth and College Welcome Session. Lots of energy! The Chairman of the National Board, Mr. Leon Russell, reminded everyone in attendance that the youth in the room are the future of the NAACP. He also gave a history lesson on James Weldon Johnson, who wrote what we now call the “Negro National Anthem.”
    • Attended Opening Plenary Session.
      • There was a Hip Hop Social Justice Activism Panel with Curtis Blow and others.
    • Attended the Health Luncheon.  The Keynote Speaker was Dr. Ruth C. White, PhD., MPH, MSW. She spoke passionately of her own experience dealing with bipolar disorder and the differences between the US healthcare system and those in the UK and Canada.


  • Day Three. Tuesday, July 17, 2018


    • Attended Regional Meeting.  We reviewed the minutes from the previous day’s meeting, heard from National officers and prepped for the Resolutions Plenary Session.
    • Attended Resolutions Plenary Session. Voted on Resolutions and offered editorial amendments.
    • Attended Membership Luncheon. Keynote Speaker, Rev. Nicholas B. Rivers, III gave a powerfully inspirational message for the NAACP to stay on task, not be scared and get the work done. THe NAACP is a membership organization and we have to stay relevant and recruit members. The emphasis was on increasing life memberships.
    • Visited the Health workshop. The emphasis was on mental health.
    • Visited the Environmental and Climate Justice Workshop


  • Day Four. Wednesday, July 18, 2018


    • Attended Opening Plenary Session
      • Speakers included Benjamin Chaves and a Millennial panel on civic engagement.
      • Attended closing session –  Spingarm/Thalheimer/Freedom Fund Awards Dinner

Jor’Denay Brings Down the House

Our San Diego Gold Winner, Jor’Denay Collier, brought the house down at the 40th NAACP ACT-SO Awards in San Antonio.  She was the final performer of the competition.  Her performance was better even than she displayed in San Diego!  We may be biased, but we thought she was magnificent!

Jor’Denay at ACT-SO National

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City of San Diego Urged to Support NAACP Lawsuit Against Trump Administration

The City of San Diego has been asked to file an amicus brief supporting the NAACP in its lawsuit against the Trump administration. The following statement was read at the 10am session of the San Diego City Council, where public comment was taken for the 11am closed session where the item is to be discussed:

2018-06-12 NAACP TPS Lawsuit Statement

We encourage you to read the complaint in its entirety, as it has much more to say than we were able to quote to the City council.