March 2019 Newsletter

March Newsletter; Black History Month done right and wrong, literary icons disrespected

The Public Safety and Livable Neighborhoods Committee’s area of responsibility includes police, fire, neighborhood parks, recreation programs, youth services, senior services, maintenance assessment districts, community development block grants, code enforcement, graffiti abatement, lifeguards, veteran’s services, libraries, homeless services, consumer protection, homeland security, volunteerism, special event permits, emergency medical services, gang prevention and intervention and citizens review board on police practices.

NAACP San Diego Newsletter for August 2018

August NAACP San Diego News

San Diego City Councilmember Georgette Gómez has introduced an ordinance to prevent landlords from discriminating against Section 8 voucher holders. Section 8 vouchers are overwhelmingly used in areas of San Diego that are non-white and relatively less prosperous, which defeats one of the aims of Section 8, to give all people the ability to choose where they live.