CIF and San Diego City Conference Should Reopen Investigation Into Catholics vs. Convicts T-Shirt Incident

The NAACP San Diego Branch joins the Lincoln High School community in calling on the San Diego City Conference and California Interscholastic Federation to reopen the investigation into the t-shirt incident. We seek equity for the Lincoln community by requesting that the CIF and San City Conference reconsider the sanctions for Cathedral Catholic High School in light of the appropriate sanctions imposed on Coronado High School.

Common Sense Math and San Diego Unified School District

This memo is our call to action to the District E Trustee to put action behind words and move our schools up the ladder to success. No longer will our community accept the status quo. We expect to be more involved in our students’ learning and will stay the course until we reach the finish line of success.

Reject Amendments to the Housing Element

The authors of the appendix evidently hope that by asserting this figure is “conservative” they will avoid genuine scrutiny. No historical evidence has been supplied to justify this claim. No estimate of the current rate of redevelopment is provided. No compelling argument has been made that the 90% capacity will be fulfilled by 2029.

Exceptions and Excuses DO NOT EQUAL High School Diplomas (Except in San Diego Unified)

Re: Exceptions and Excuses DO NOT EQUAL High School Diplomas (Except in San Diego Unified) 2021-06-04 In a recent document “GRADES/EVALUATION OF STUDENT PROGRESS DURING EMERGENCY SCHOOL CLOSURES” (AR 5121.1) the San Diego Unified School Board proves once again the lack of their leadership and their lack of positive expectations from our students. Some examples […]

Disbursement of Housing Funds

We are paying attention and expect the San Diego Housing Commission’s disbursement of $83,000,000 in rent relief funds to be a just and transparent process.