Coronavirus Response and Advocacy Resources for Health Chairs

Updated 4/6/20

NAACP webpage – Coronavirus and Our Communities 

NAACP | Coronavirus (COVID-19) Information

Tell Us Your Story | Submit a Questio n | View FAQs | View Equity Resource Guide | View Policy Briefs, Statements, and Letters | Resources The Coronavirus has had an impact on many communities across the country. Tell us your story here.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Landing Page on Coronavirus 

Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19)

Coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) is a virus (more specifically, a coronavirus) identified as the cause of an outbreak of respiratory illness first detected in Wuhan, China.

CDC Print Resources 

Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19)

What to do if you are sick If you are sick with coronavirus disease 2019, or suspected of being infected with it, follow the steps in this fact sheet to help prevent spreading it to people in your home and community.

Main Federal Government Website on Coronavirus

Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19)

Coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) is a virus (more specifically, a coronavirus) identified as the cause of an outbreak of respiratory illness first detected in Wuhan, China.

Expanded ACA Enrollment Period for the Uninsured 

Eleven States Now Letting Uninsured Sign Up for Obamacare

More coronavirus care will be covered in many states. Federal officials are considering similar action for the state markets they run. Eleven states and the District of Columbia have opened enrollment under the Affordable Care Act to allow laid-off workers to get subsidized health insurance, and the Trump administration, which has been gunning to repeal the law, is considering opening the federal exchange to new customers.

Families USA – State Health Coverage Strategies for COVID-19

State Health Coverage Strategies for COVID-19 – Families Usa

As the COVID-19 pandemic spreads, state policymakers are faced with difficult and critically important problems. Many people may lack comprehensive health insurance to get screened and treated without financial barriers to access. Many others, potentially in the millions, will be losing employer-sponsored insurance (ESI). While awaiting additional federal support, many governors, state legislators, Medicaid agencies, …

2-1-1 Coronavirus Help Page (for general info, connection to help for essential services)

COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Pandemic

Use the COVID-19 Screening Tool online if you or someone you are caring for is experiencing symptoms. You can also download the COVID-19 Screening Tool via Apple Store or Google Play. The COVID-19 situation in the United States is evolving rapidly as more becomes known about the virus, how it is spread, and how it effects people. Information on Unemployment Assistance by State and Coronavirus Help Center

US Small Business Administration – COVID-19-related Small Business Guidance and Loan Resources 

Coronavirus (COVID-19): Small Business Guidance & Loan Resources

Health and government officials are working together to maintain the safety, security, and health of the American people. Small businesses are encouraged to do their part to keep their employees, customers, and themselves healthy.

Free Tech Company Resources for Schools During COVID-19 Outbreak

Updated: Free Resources for Schools During COVID-19 Outbreak — THE Journal

In response to the number of states, districts and schools that are shuttering schools to students over the next several weeks in response to fears about the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19), education technology companies have stepped forward to help educators reach students in virtual ways. (Updated April 8)

National Alliance on Mental Illness COVID-19 Resource and Information Guide

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Council on Black Health – What Coronavirus Means for Black Communities 

Coronavirus Update | Council on Black Health

Be well informed! The Council on Black Health (CBH) remains committed to the advancement of the health and well-being of Black children, adults, families, and communities. CBH generates and uses research findings to develop and evaluate novel solutions that work in metropolitan areas with large Black populations as well as in rural Black communities.

Articles on disparities, marginalization and/or racism 

Early Data Shows African Americans Have Contracted and Died of Coronavirus at an Alarming Rate

Early Data Shows African Americans Have Contracted and Died of Coronavirus at an Alarming Rate – ProPublica

The coronavirus entered Milwaukee from a white, affluent suburb. Then it took root in the city’s black community and erupted. As public health officials watched cases rise in March, too many in the community shrugged off warnings. Rumors and conspiracy theories proliferated on social media, pushing the bogus idea that black people are somehow immune to the disease.

Social Distancing Is a Privilege 

Louisiana Prisons Lag in Inmate Releases as Coronavirus Spreads Behind Bars

Louisiana prisons lag in inmate releases as coronavirus spreads behind bars

A line of men filed out the front gates of Baton Rouge’s jail Friday afternoon, headed back out into freedom. They were just a few of the many recent inmate releases that have dramatically trimmed Louisiana jail populations as the novel coronavirus threatens to spread rapidly behind bars.

Poverty Is the Virus that Puts Us at COVID-19 Risk

Poverty is the virus that puts us at COVID-19 risk

Throughout American history public crises have exposed issues too long ignored in our common life. World War II, in which African-Americans from the South fought for democracy abroad, exposed the need to make democracy real at home.

US Government is Urged to Release Race, Ethnicity Data on COVID-19 Cases 

U.S. government is urged to release race, ethnicity data on covid-19 cases

Please Note The Washington Post is providing this story for free so that all readers have access to this important information about the coronavirus. For more free stories, sign up for our daily Coronavirus Updates newsletter.

Data and articles showing race, class and/or geographic differences 

Illinois Department of Health 

COVID-19 Statistics

Positive (Confirmed) # Negative # Deaths # Total Tests Performed* # *Total number of tests performed and reported electronically for testing of COVID-19 at IDPH, commercial or hospital laboratories. All numbers displayed are provisional and will change. Information regarding the number of persons under investigation updated on ##/##/####.

Louisiana Department of Health 

Coronavirus (COVID-19) | Department of Health | State of Louisiana

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the Louisiana Office of Public Health continue to closely monitor this outbreak. All information on this website reflects the most current information provided to the State. It is subject to change based on further investigations, and will be updated accordingly.

North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services

COVID-19 North Carolina Dashboard

North Carolina collects data from several sources and partners to monitor the COVID-19 pandemic in North Carolina. The following data is used in the dashboard. New data sources may be added.

Articles on Chicago data

Over 70 Percent Of City Coronavirus Deaths Are African Americans

CHICAGO – Black Chicagoans make up more than half of the new coronavirus cases and over 70 percent of the city’s COVID-19 deaths, public health officials said Monday.

EDITORIAL: Why COVID-19 is raging through Chicago’s black neighborhoods – and what must be done

Monday brought another grim statistic about the coronavirus to Chicago: African Americans are catching the disease and dying from it at an alarmingly higher rate than the rest of us. It is indeed, as Mayor Lori Lightfoot said, a “public health red alarm.”

Articles on Brooklyn, NY data

Bed-Stuy Area Tallies At Least 1,500 Coronavirus Cases: Data

BEDFORD-STUYVESANT, BROOKLYN – The patchwork of zip codes covering Bed-Stuy and parts of its surrounding neighborhoods have at least 1,500 confirmed coronavirus cases, according to city data. A long-awaited breakdown of coronavirus cases by neighborhood released Wednesday shows Bed-Stuy and other lower-income places in Brooklyn have been particularly hard hit by the outbreak.

City map breaks down positive coronavirus tests by ZIP code

The New York City Department of Health has released a map showing the percentage of tests for the novel coronavirus that came back positive in each ZIP code across the city as of March 31.

Miscellaneous articles

When Will COVID-19 Peak? A State-by-State Analysis 

When will COVID-19 peak? A state-by-state analysis: Peak demand for hospital resources due to COVID-19 is expected by mid-April in the U.S., according to an analysis from the University of Washington’s Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation in Seattle.

Peak demand for hospital resources due to COVID-19 is expected by mid-April in the U.S., according to an analysis from the University of Washington’s Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation in Seattle. The study presents estimates of predicted health service utilization and deaths due to COVID-19 for each state in the U.S.

Preliminary Estimates of the Prevalence of Selected Underlying Health Conditions Among COVID-19 Patients

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Coronavirus in Africa Tracker

Coronavirus in Africa Tracker: How many covid-19 cases & where? [Latest] – African Arguments

Live map, information, graphs of confirmed coronavirus (COVID19) cases in Africa. Updated regularly. Recommended other readings.

New England Journal of Medicine – Summary of Select Epidemiological Reports Examining the Clinical Profiles of Patients with COVID-19 in China

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