Darryl Stovall

Darryl W. Stovall Jr. was born and raised in New York City and planted roots in San Diego California while serving in the United States Navy. After a successful 20 years of service, Darryl completed a double masters in Human Resource Management and Business Administration. He has worked in the private sector as a Regional Financial Literacy program manager for naval personnel and as a Veterans Service Representative for the Veterans Administration.

Currently, Darryl is the Chief Executive Officer of Stovall Business Solutions, LLC which specializes is Government and corporate contracting. Providing services in: Commercial Washers and Dryers, Vending Machines, Paper and Plastic Consumables, Medical Supplies and Equipment, Emergency Management Equipment, Janitorial Supplies and Equipment, Law Enforcement, Firefighting and Military Equipment. Additionally, Darryl is a real estate developer and has worked on several projects throughout the greater San Diego region

A proud parent of two children, an advocate for human rights and a staunch supporter of all that pursue their dreams.