Larry Blackman

First I’d like to thank the NAACP for nominating me; I am honored.  I am a native of San Diego.  I worked for the City of San Diego for 31 years and am proud to have had the privilege to cultivate and help build some of our most monumental landmarks (Martin Luther King Jr Park). All four of my kids have been raised in this community. They all work diligently in their fields to help rebuild  this community for all human races.
I became a member of Black Sabbath in 1980 . I have always supported this community around education, equality, helping youth to direct them away from gangs and steer them with positive love and guidance.  My kids say “Dad, you’re always helping someone”. And I do!!! I love helping anyone regardless of age, race, religion, or sexual orientation. Black Sabbath and its members also played a huge part in educating our community.
I am grateful to have stood against it all; prejudice, poverty, and so much more. To see San Diego today we have overcome so much.
San Diego and especially this community has been home for me and I will do my best, day by day and person by person to continue to build up San Diego, our youth, our community and our future.
Larry Blackman
Black Sabbath