San Diego People of Color Quilt Guild

The San Diego People of Color Quilt Guild (SDPOCQG) was organized on February 22, 1997. The Guild’s goal was:


  • to provide a forum for the continuation of the tradition of quilting as an art and as a method of recording history and storytelling,
  • to promote interest in all forms of quilting and textile arts to bring quilting to the attention of our community
  • to endeavor to pursue the recognition of quilting as a true national art form and as an expressive medium equal to painting, sculpture and the dramatic arts.


The first SDPOCQG meeting was held at the Malcolm X Library and we are proud of the fact that our monthly meetings continue to be held at this Library with staff that have continued to support our goals. These meetings always include sharing our creations and learning old and new techniques. On the last Saturday in February the Guild holds a Show which is free to the public. Quilts using various mediums and other arts and crafts are displayed. In addition, during the Show, club members demonstrate and teach quilting techniques and projects. A quilt, created by our members, is raffled off and the majority of the proceeds are donated to Malcolm X Library, Friends of the Malcolm X Library, used to assist with community projects and to pay for speakers and teachers. At the end of the Show baby quilts , which have been created by our members, are given to representatives from the Navy and the Marines to be placed in diaper bags that the military donates to service members in need. In addition, members also donate quilts to community members who are ill or to commemorate a death.


The SDPOCOQG is the only predominantly African American quilt guild in the county of San Diego and we take seriously our focus on African American and African creations and sharing this with not only our community but with all communities. The Guild have been invited to display our quilts as a group in the San Diego Quilt Show and members have entered quilts in the San Diego County Fair and other shows in and outside of San Diego County. Members have spoken, shared, displayed and taught the significance of the quilts used during the


Underground Railroad and during other times of African American history at Mesa College, churches and during other events and forums. Currently members are assisting children in our community to create memory quilts and are in discussion with an organization about conducting a series of classes for boys and girls in our community in order to introduce quilting and share the medium with a new generation.


Quilting has and always will be a part of the African American cultural heritage and The San Diego People of Color Quilt Guild will continue to endeavor to maintain and to elevate this tradition