"Queen of the Air" by Ronald Woods

Queen of the Air” original artwork by Ronald Woods
My Character Air racing Champion Vincine Woods, aka the Raven and Pride of Avalon City is an original character who lives in a Decopunk World. She is based on  African American Aviatrixes such as Bessie Coleman,  Willa Brown and Janet Bragg.  It is a great honor to have Vincine chosen by the NAACP, a character I based on  African American  heroes from the golden age of aviation.
What is Decopunk? It is a recent subset of the punk sci-fi genres, centered around the Art Deco and Streamline Modern art styles, and based around the period between the 20s and 50s.
Bio: Ronald Paul Woods II is a San Diego based, self taught, Retro Anime artist and U.S. Navy Veteran.   Mainly drawing Original Characters of Color, he excels at depicting minority women, and women in general, in a positive heroic light.

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