"Contented Woman" by Letwin Mugavasi

“Contented Woman” by Letwin Mugavasi


Shona Zimbabwe sculpture in Springstone Serpentine

Letwin Mugavasi is one of Zimbabwe’s emerging woman sculptors. She lives in the rural town of Chitungwiza outside of Harare with her two young daughters. From a family of recognized sculptors, Mugavasi followed in the footsteps of her two older brothers, Francis and Luke, who gained fame in Europe. As a young girl, Mugavasi learned the sculpting techniques by helping her brothers and later applied her skills to her own artistic expressions. After finishing school, Mugavasi continued her love of education by becoming a local teacher. She returned to sculpting with vigor 10 years ago. Her sculpture celebrates the many facets of African womanhood. Mugavasi’s evocative depictions of loving mothers and strong proud women are a testament to the strength of African women and to the inroads being mad in the struggle for equal rights in Zimbabwe. She carves almost all of her work in what is called springstone serpentine (so named for its hardness-when hit with a chasing hammer or chisel, the tool is likely to spring back.) Her use of both rough and polished stone is especially intriguing. Mugavasi experiments with various tools to create unusual textural form. It is her artistic signature. He work has been shown in the United States, Germany, United Kingdom, and Australia, as well as in Zimbabwe. – San Diego Museum of Natural History

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