“Woman of Colors” by Ellen L. Cannon

“Woman of Colors” unique fine art print by Ellen L. Cannon


I offer my CONGRATULATIONS to the NAACP San Diego Branch… in celebration of their 100th year!


Website URL: http://ellen-cannon.artistwebsites.com/

Iterations email address: [email protected]


Artist Profile:

Ellen Cannon, a self taught pastel, charcoal, and colored-pencil artist, was first commissioned for publication of her original images, at age 17. Since 1966, the resulting volume, ‘With Heart and Hand’, co-authored by Atty. Donald F. Vonachen and Fr. John Dietzen, and featuring Ms.Cannon’s illustrations (under her maiden name), was in continuous reprint for more than three decades and distributed to members of the United States Armed Services. Her artistic vision has inspired her to create her own eclectic techniques for digital manipulation of her original art and photography, and treasured photo mementos from family and friends. She personally creates similar works from any photograph submitted for her commissioned artistic interpretation.


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