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Jacquelyn Clark

Chair, Environmental & Climate Justice


Ms. Jacquelyn Clark was born and raised in South Jersey and, during her early adult years, lived in a few east coast cities and states. She has been a resident of San Diego County, CA since 1998.

Ms. Clark has always had a passion, desire, and willingness to be community involved in one way or another, for the greater good of the people. Since high school, and no matter where she has lived, she held small leadership roles and over time has been trusted with greater responsibilities and leadership positions. Her experience includes volunteering and/or serving on various boards, school site councils, PTA, political, social, faith, and community-based organizations.

Ms. Clark completed the requirements to become a Climate Ambassador through the San Diego Urban Sustainability Coalition. Equipped with the knowledge, tools, and a collaborative mindset, Ms. Clark endeavors to educate, inform and engage the community in environmental and climate justice practices that will benefit the entire community in general, and people of color specifically.

Ms. Clark commits to going the distance to influence and instigate the institution of more policies that address the improvement of air quality, systems relied on for food and water, and the immediate and long-term reduction and elimination of pollutants, toxins, and other threats to public health that hinder the ability of communities of color to thrive. She expects actions that lead to and achieve tangible results.

Ms. Clark has four children, two grandchildren, a small business, is a concerned citizen and community servant.