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Dr Naomi Lawrence-Reid, MD


Dr. Naomi Lawrence-Reid, M.D. is a board-certified general pediatrician who hails from the Greater Boston Area. She is a graduate of Wake Forest University, University of Massachusetts Medical School, and completed her general pediatrics residency at Albert Einstein/Children’s Hospital at Montefiore in Bronx, NY. Ultimately exasperated by cold winters and their associated precipitation, she escaped to Southern California after finishing residency in 2014.


Although initially envisioning a life as a Pediatric emergency medicine specialist, she soon pivoted towards an unconventional career apart from full-time hospital or clinic employment. In 2017, she began creating her ideal career which soon evolved into a delightful combination of per-diem contracts, travel Doctor assignments, Aesthetics, Telemedicine, Veteran Disability Exams (yes, a pediatrician seeing adults!), and medical expert witness work. She is credentialed to treat and admit children at multiple hospitals throughout Southern California.


Unfortunately, Dr. Lawrence-Reid realized that Doctors across the country and in every specialty felt grossly underpaid, overworked, and the love and empathy they felt for their career was waning. In response, Dr. Lawrence-Reid founded Doctoring Differently, an online course and coaching platform with the goal of teaching Physicians how to transition out of full-time clinical medicine and pursue unconventional career paths prioritizing their own interests and quality of life.

Dr. Lawrence-Reid is passionate about protecting the health of children in San Diego, recognizing and eliminating racial inequities in healthcare, and advocating for the Physicians who have sacrificed so much in service to their patients and society.