Membership is the life-blood of the NAACP.  We depend on our members’ generosity to insure the NAACP’s independence.  We depend on you to keep the flames of freedom burning bright!  Download the form below, print it out, fill it in, and send it in today!  You may also donate on-line here!

There is a separate NAACP Branch in North County; if you both live and work north of the 56, you will only be eligible to vote in that branch.


New or Renewal

Regular, Adult Ages 21 & over – $30.00
Youth With Crisis Magazine,  Ages 20 & under – $15.00
Youth Without Crisis Magazine, Ages 17 & under – $10.00



Junior Ages 13 & Under –  $100.00
payable in four annual installments of $25.00 or more

Bronze Ages 14 -20 – $400.00
payable in five annual installments of $80.00 or more

Silver Ages 21 & over – $750.00
payable in ten annual installments of $75.00 or more

Gold Ages 21 & over – $1500.00
for Silver Life Members, payable in ten annual installments of $150.00 or more

Diamond Ages 21 & over – $2500.00
for Gold Life Members, payable in ten annual installments of $250.00 or more

Life Membership in Yearly Installments
Life Membership


  • Corporate memberships are available for $5000 annually.  Please contact us at [email protected] if you would like to purchase a corporate membership, so we can discuss with you personally the benefits of membership.


Your extra gift to the NAACP enables us to fight more discrimination, on both the individual and systemic level.  It also helps us support those who have been the victims of so many years of discrimination.

You can either donate to the Branch in general, or you can choose from one of our Youth Programs; ACT-SO for high school youth, STEM Camp and SWAG for middle school students.  Finally, our Back-to-School Stay-in-School program helps parents and kids get ready for the new school year.  Any amount helps, but these sponsor levels pay for one student per year in each program:

Please–we need you, and our youth need you!

Contributions and gifts are not deductible as charitable contributions for federal income tax purposes, however they are deductible as an ordinary business expenses.

Membership Application

Prefer to join by check? Get the paper form here.

Membership Transfer Request

Already an NAACP member, just not of the San Diego Branch? Their loss is our gain! Download, fill out, sign and send the Unit Transfer Request to the address on the form.

If you have difficulty with our primary payment processor, you may visit our site on Square to join the Branch or make a donation.