We Need Bold Action on Police Reform, NOT More Surveys

November 2, 2021


Re: We Need Bold Action on Police Reform, NOT More Surveys


The NAACP San Diego Branch would like to ask the Chief and the Mayor if either of you ran this idea by your advisory groups? Why empanel a group of civically engaged individuals and not ask them about wasting our tax dollars on a survey? Why do we have a Captain’s Advisory Group, if they are not to be consulted? 

Why do we keep wasting our tax dollars on studies and documents that neither the Department nor our elected officials hold anyone accountable for? The taxpayers deserve better!

We have the SDSU report, the CPI report, and the Campaign Zero report, among others. We know there is evidence of widespread disparities in enforcement.  We know that the community does not trust the Police.

Rather than working to improve trust and community relations, we are spending more taxpayer dollars on yet another study, which will show the same dismal picture as all the others.  What about yet another third party report, this time by Zencity, will magically cause action to occur?

When will bold leadership be realized in our city? When will we stop playing games, commissioning study after study, and expressing surprise and disappointment in the results?   The disparities need to end, not be reconfirmed.  The failures to de-escalate need to end, not be reconfirmed.

There was much talk about the election of 2020 and how it ushered in a more reform-minded Mayor and Council, along with overwhelming support for the new Commission on Police Practices.  The Commission is still not enabled.  Reforms have still not occurred.  We have tried to be patient, but our patience is limited. The time for research is over.  The time for bold action is now.  

Francine Maxwell, President
NAACP San Diego Branch


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